“What if I design e-learning, that nobody likes?”

by Anna Sabramowicz
“I’m overwhelmed, struggling with where to start, boring content dumps, lack of necessary skills, and being pulled from trend to trend. I’m most overwhelmed from not being able to engage learners online.

You ever feel like that?

Someone made you responsible for completing a project, or they put you in a job where they think you’d do well, and said, “Hey, here you go. Have at it!”

Listen: I get emails nearly every day from people who need e-learning help. They’re not instructional designers and they have no e-learning experience.

All their knowledge is pretty much acquired through Google.

In fact, they have no desire to become e-learning experts. No. It’s just that they don’t have someone to talk to about e-learning. And Google is not who you talk to about it.

As you are aware, looking up information and researching can be very exhausting — especially when trying to build capacity internally.

Lack of guidance is keeping you on the Hamster Wheel

  1. You’re flying blind and don’t know where to start.
  2. Your work is becoming more and more complicated with technology trends.
  3. You’re frustrated producing dry theory-based (not applicable) content.
  4. You’re not proud of the solutions your company is delivering.
  5. You find yourself wishing you had the power to influence best practices.
  6. You’re struggling to deliver solutions that make sense.
  7. And you feel like you’re just spinning your wheels trying to figure this all out by yourself.

You’re overwhelmed. And, it’s taking you too much time to develop expertise.

You still deal with day-to-day business needs thrown on top of your ‘daydream’ ambitions, and so… you build solutions that look the same as the junk that most of the industry produces. In most cases…

Those solutions don’t get an enormous amount of participation.

It’s not that you’re trying to dump a bunch of dull content on passive learners. And it's not that your company doesn’t care, but all they really want is the capacity internally to solve the engagement piece and make people learn.

Overwhelm seems to be part of instructional design.

You’re living in a fantastic, exciting time for learning design. New technology has given you TONS of powerful tools to make incredibly engaging and effective learning experiences, and the ability to design, build and deliver them at very little cost.

The problem is, you are stuck using some seriously outdated mindsets and techniques (from the MIDDLE AGES really), so you are completely unprepared to take advantage of the new tools in front of you.

Not that you don’t try though! That’s actually the problem.

Because if you try to use modern technology and online tools to deliver a course that was designed for the 15th century (focused on stuffing gobs of content down your learners throats), then you’re wasting a HUGE opportunity!

Misguided approaches are actually the standard today.

Too many organizations today think that technology alone can magically “beam” learning into the heads of their employees.

They invest a bunch of time, energy, and money into fancy animations or making their lessons compatible with the iPad, and they end up scratching their heads when their course doesn’t produce any measurable results.

They fail, because courses centered on content OR technology, as opposed to the learners’ experience, will ALWAYS miss the mark.

The sad thing is, this problem is getting worse.

You'll keep making those same mistakes forever…

…unless you do something about it.

“I struggled with how I could engage learners without being face to face. Then, I found Anna Sabramowicz of Skillagents. After enrolling in her course I feel like I have the foundation to move forward in my new e-learning career.”
Meghan M., Skillagents student

Meghan started off making the same mistakes you have… until she took the initiative to level up and learn a better way. She used a lot of what Skillagents Academy taught to wow her recruiters and landed a new job as an e-learning desginer.

She did it by knowing how to meet her audiences needs.

What if you could meet your audiences' needs?

Why produce passive, boring and ineffective e-learning, then try to figure out "Why doesn't anyone want to participate?" Why try to convince a disengaged learner? Why even produce the content at all?

It's all so terribly inefficient.

“Skillagents Academy really made me think, question and change the way I provide training. I would highly recommend this course to anyone in the education space who wants to do a better job.”
Janet F., Skillagents student

What if you could create courses that go above and beyond ‘content dumps’?

If you knew exactly how to make e-learning significant for your participants, you could simply… give them what they want: modules that are much more engaging, relatable, retainable, and finally, provide real-world value.

You could stop worrying, “Will anyone participate?” because you know they will.

You’ll be fighting back against e-learning that dumps loads of content on employees and uses technology for all the wrong reasons.

You might even hear those magic words: “Performance has improved!”

Then those learners, those employees who perform better, would finally enable your work to “speak for itself.” The good news would spread.

You could skip e-learning that misses the mark. Screw “boring click and read,” you could skip “boring” entirely.

Can you imagine how awesome it would feel?

Imagine this — Imagine getting off the hamster wheel. Imagine having a sparring partner who knows e-learning strategy. Imagine knowing how to distill content down to meaningful learning. Imagine building the correct mindsets and attitudes about instructional design, so you can make any content-centric learning engaging.

“Simply put, the Skillagents Academy has changed the way I think about and build online education.”
Aaron T., Skillagents student

Great news: You can learn to meet your audiences' needs.

You can discover the secrets of learner-entered course design— an uncommon (but sorely needed) method of instructional design.

Instructional design that, above all else, puts the learner at the center of the ‘education equation.’

And it allows you to delivers results that:

  • produce active learning, not passive information consumption
  • use technology for the right reasons (in a way that actually helps enhance the course)
  • include mastery learning methods
  • present content with a real world context
  • provide mentorship and valuable feedback for learners
  • create the right kind of engagement (the kind that drives learning, not just entertains)
  • and a whole lot more than that… but overall, how to create the best situations for real, meaningful learning to occur
    • Learner-centered instructional design will help you build the correct mindsets and attitudes, so you can adapt to a wide variety of learning situations.

Get started now!